Logged in dying from thirst

I logged in on 2 different servers (411 and 419). I loaded into the beginning desert dying from thirst and naked. I was told I died from thirst. After a couple ticks my character died and then I re-spawned at my bed. Naturally I lost all items there was no body to recover.

Thirst currently drains very slowly while you’re offline (I think food might too?). Not sure if intended or not, since they never mentioned the change.

even if that is the case shouldn’t I have re-spawned at my bed and been able to loot my corpse.

This is crazy. I die because I don’t log in frequently enough? Why are you punishing players with limited playing time? This is BUG, not a FEATURE. Fix it, Funcom.

And I respawned in the desert too, but who knows how many times I respawned and died while travelling on mundane business.

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