You die of hunger when signed out?

So a server restart notice pops up, ok time to store my character away hidden cause…well people know can see through fking walls… ok so character is alright food and water levels good so i won’t bother in the morning. let’s exit the game, went to sleep, logged in the game in the morning to wake up naked, checking event logs to find i died of hunger while logged out with a character filled to the brim with items…so yea awsome, i’m wondering if i’m to play this game as i would a tamagochi from the 90’s where you’d checkin on the fking thing every 3 hours to see if it had pooped or was hungry. So am i supposed to die of hunger ? cause if so…why would i need a base to keep myself safe? just go die in the wild…

It would appear that there is a bug that causes you to die of hunger at the moment, you’re not the first to report this.

My suggestion is to always store your gear and inventory, pull bracelet and then log out before you respawn. When you log back on you will spawn at your bed.

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Ok, so in the world of funcom, it’s a normal thing and i should antecipate that there will be a glitch/bug/nonLiveStatus validation and proceed accordingly.
So basicly build a box, hide the box, store gear on box go to the beach and just leave the character there (if you manage to put on top of a rock you’ll improve by miles the possibility of survival cause other player will have a bit of trouble to climb said rock).

Sorry for the rant, and thank you for explaning it was a bug and the suggestion
(started doing it the moment after i died actually)

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That about sums it up yep XD

But, pulling bracelet and logging off immediately takes your body out of the world so no one would be able to locate your body anyway.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. We reached out to you in private to request more information.

Please check your forum notifications for our direct message.

We await your reply.

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