Logged out and died of hunger

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Bug
Game Mode: PVE
Server Type: Official
Map: Exiles Lands
Server Name: 2811

Logged off for the night. Logged back in the next day at my bedroll, inventory wiped. Event log says I died of hunger. While logged out. There was an update today, not sure if that has something to do with it, but all the legendary gear I had is lost. Because I died of hunger while logged out? Yo??

I honestly can’t justify spending money on this game because of how bug-ridden it is; it’s worse than a Bethesda game, and no matter how much i try to like it, Conan consistently disappoints. I can’t get any of my friends to play for more than a day and i cant blame them. This dying in my sleep nonsense will likely be the last straw for me, especially if there’s no hope of restoring my lost items. I made a forum account just for this, so hopefully devs have some insight.

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Are you on a solo server, pvp server, pve server?

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PvE Official server

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Funcom can’t reimburse your items. Welcome to the Forum. @palaidyn

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Cheers, thanks for that

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At one time we put our valuable items in a chest before logging off can’t remember when we died last while offline I will say we don’t pvp .

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Yup, has also happened to me. One dude tried saying “your body stays in world, so its a risk you take”.

  1. Hunger/Thirst doesn’t appear to drain when fully sheltered.
  2. I’ve had items that should’ve spoiled stay in my inventory for days while offline.

Its definitely a bug. A rare bug, but one nonetheless. My report was never addressed.


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