Character died after log out

I did my log out from the game last night. This morning when I log in character was dead and I lost all my items. Please help.

What does the event long day?

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Honestly, at this point it’s best to log out naked even in a safe place, like your base. You never know when a bug will hit you and you lose everything. Just put all your stuff in a chest before you log out and pick it up when you log back in.

It sucks, but it avoids painful situations like this.

Sometimes I die off thirst while going offline
Or when I sleep high in my treehouse

Seems like the hunger an thirst rate continues after going offline (not always)

When I sleep high in m treehouse I hear my character die during the loading screen, seems like the ceilings below me are not loaded and I fell through it lol…

Yep. If I don’t have +90% shelter when I log off and my water or food is low I will die while I’m offline.

I didn’t know, was this intended?

I’ve assumed so? It seemed like hunger and thirst got dialed up when siptah launched And i figured it was either a side effect of that or an intentional change.

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Always log out whit full food and water boxes and atleast 2 build blocks from outer walls /roofs so you cant be shot by gas bombs!

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