Login out of the game with full health,food and water the login back in dead and cant find body

this has happend twice already where my character has log out with full health, food and water and login back on next day dead and spawned back at the dessert. the original body is nowhere in sight where I log out. I dont know if its a bug or has it happend to other people.

Where have you been signing out? Where you taking damage from dehydration or starving? If you are signing out in an unsafe area (A.E. outside, unfinished buildings, underwater, dungeon, anywhere with hostiles) you are likely to die and depending on how long you’re not on your body and items can decay.


I have heard that you should logout with as much shelter as you can get so you lose less food and water while offline.
Similar to what OP mentioned, I have noticed logging out in the open and then logging back in soon after leaves me with about half health. Health instantly regenerates to full upon consuming food, tho. Wonder what if this similar/related to what OP is talking about.

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loged out in a shelter building fully finished health water and food level was full. it was in a north area btw

SpeedForce71 thanx for the info. and the thing which bugs me the most is that why cant the devs just make it that once you log out you are out of the game its the same in as you get kicked out of the game

I play single player in offline mode and have had the same issue since the game came out. I’ve learned to do the following though:

  1. Always offload your item wheel and armor into a box before hitting the bedroll or bed.

  2. Only exit the game by clicking on the bedroll/bed INSIDE a fortified house/camp/building. This means no open windows so your body isn’t exposed. I did this 2 nights ago and woke up dead due to a sandstorm where the sand got through the damn windows.

  3. Try and put your bedroll/bed somewhere in the middle of the structure. I found that if an enemy is trailing you right before you go inside, they can still kill you in the corners of the structure. Most people put their bedroll/bed in the corners, so death can happen.

That’s an excellent idea you have and don’t understand why its not part of the game already. The devs should set time to actually STOP once you activate your bedroll/bed so there’s no decay and no chance of an offline occurrence taking you out.

if you logout in the north with the silent legion armor, you are probably in negative health regen, as you logout, all your passive health buffs are not working. So after login your body is not here and no message to know what kill you. It happen also if you are in hot area with health degen, you will die after logout.

I am a little bit puzzled, what does a bed have to do with shutting down for the day?

It sets your respawn point in case you forget to do it when you do log off, or, if something unforeseen happens and you die while offline.

In solo offline mode the server isn’t running after you shut down.

I think the problem is that if you die whilst offline you don’t get to choose where you respawn when you log back on.

Once you set your respawn point, it persists until the respawn point is destroyed/expires or you change it to something else, so there’s no need to click it again afterwards. Where you are standing when you log out is what determines the environmental threats your unconscious body will be exposed to while logged off.

As has been mentioned already though, wearing silent legion in the north can be a death sentence. Something that can be exacerbated by a base built out of cooling materials.

If your character is experiencing extreme temperature affects, don’t log out until you remedy them.
(fireplaces emit heat for example, or wear cold protection armor instead).

How far north?
We once logged out near volcano, we were freezing there. We died twice at that location. You might want to build a logging hut in some secluded place. OR you just put a chest or two and unload your inventory, armor and hotbar into that chests. If you die now, you can rip your bracelet off and easily respawn.

The most common culprit here is a combination of silent legion, +30 vit and a northen base.

A full set of SL reduces your temp by -25 but +30 vit obscures that as it compensates for the temp induced damage. You don’t have to be in the coldest areas to hit extreme temps because the effective temp was already reduced by 25 points.

Players log off, +30 vit stops doing a damned thing and they freeze to death.

\o/, sorry for the necro but that’s just so damned funny and typical of this game.

Same has been happening to me, sounds like everything above is correct. My point is we shouldn’t have to do all that special stuff!! And the dev’s should fix it!