Will I eventually starve offline?

If I log out in an official / online server: Does my body eventually starve to death? Or will my hunger and thirst freeze eventually? Can I survive without shelter for weeks?

I have played PvP allot, so I’m not offline long enough to test this, and I was hoping to get an answer so I don’t get a rude awakening after my irl vacation.

Not unless you get a bug. I’ve got a couple characters I don’t use anymore, but body vault them somewhere I can’t be killed by npcs. They’re still in tact with no issues. I do suggest possibly eating and drinking before logging off for an extended period of time, just in case something happens in the first day or so. Otherwise, you’ll likely be fine.

The main thing is to log out somewhere you can’t be killed. I suggest a tall ruin or the top of a house in sepermeru. If you have a base getting refreshed by a friend, you’ll be fine in your base.

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Thank you. I’ve heard that your body despawn form the game after roughly a week, which I would think keeps you safe from anything until you log back on. It’s just about surviving that first week logged off.

Since you mentioned being on top of ruins, I’m guessing that logging out well fed without Shelter is safe, and you won’t starve over several days. Shelter basically freezes your hunger and thirst after all, so I thought it might be necessary for a week off the game.

But I do have to make sure I’m not in the path of the Sandstorm. That thing can cut through your if you can’t tank it with high hp. You recover to full hp with time though so if you can tank one, then you can tank the next storms.

I’ll do a quick test in the open while fully fed for 2 hours logged off to be sure.

on my abandoned EU server I’ve logged off on the top of a tall house in sepermeru and been just fine. You typically won’t take any weather damage and hunger/thirst stops. As I’ve mentioned, these are only an issue IF the game bugs out. It’s not unheard of, but it can happen. Some people will opt to put their items into a cupboard or chest to prevent loss. However, that doesn’t solve the issue of long term body vaults where everything decays. That’s just a risk you take.

DAMN!.. Okay. When I started playing this game years ago. I ended up dying of thirst every time I logged off on one of the official PvP servers.

I assumed it was part of the game, or a huge flaw they overlooked. I didn’t have an issue like that for the next 4 years until this day, but to hear that it’s still an issue for some is scary. It can delete tremendous amounts of work if it happens at the wrong time. I can feed unconscious players I pass by when I use food items through their inventory. Maybe that’s an issue? Could that restart the hunger and thirst checks?

Well. My character only lost 1 point after almost 2 hours. I suspect it would have been the same for 10, so it should work fine.

Thanks for your insight and help!

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You are right that hunger and thirst stops when being logged out, but weather does affect you, especially temperature does.
Not so long ago I had to kill an unconscious player that had logged out in the middle of my base building project(official pve server), I put the building on hold for a couple of days to give him a chance to move his body from my base, but when he didn’t, I fired up several furnaces around him and he died of heat within a minute :slight_smile:


The sandstorm doesn’t though, otherwise my sepermeru character would have died long ago. That being said, in regards to temperature, you shouldn’t log off in a location you can’t survive. You wouldn’t log off indefinitely in the volcano or snow (without appropriate gear anyway), and you shouldn’t log off somewhere someone can build. That’s why I chose sepermeru on a high roof.

I’m still unsure about the sandstorm. I think you only need 5 points in Vitality to get enough health to survive the storm. And the first perk gives you passive health regen, so you’re back at full health when you log back in.
But I haven’t tested it. I don’t really have a reason to believe that the sandstorm damages unconscious players.

It shouldn’t

Things that can kill you while offline:

  • sandstorm (although sandstorm does puny damage these days so I guess this is mainly a threat for starting characters)
  • temperature (dont log off on top of your furnace)
  • players

Only on pvp. Players can’t kill other players on PvE. The OP only mentioned they have played pvp a lot, but not whether or not they currently are on a PvP server. Mind you, that should go without saying to hide yourself if you ARE on a PvP server as you can be killed regardless of being offline for 1 hour or a whole week.

Im sorry. I forgot other server types exist.

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Thank you all for the input! This also makes some other plans for character storage viable for me.

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