Thirst quenching

I have a server and I’m trying to figure out why it takes a full waterskin to get from low yellow to barely full. Yet on another server it takes like 3-4 drinks to go from red to full. Is this a bug or something with the sliders that I have to adjust?

Thank you in advance

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The rate which characters on a sever get thirsty is controlled by a slider under “Survival” settings. Before joining a server take a look at the server settings to see what custom rules have been set to find the server that best suits your playstyle.

I am an Admin on a server and our thirst slider is at 0.1. What I wanted to know it why does it take a whole waterskin to get from like 10 to 85 thirst but on a different server it takes only 3-4 drinks to do the same thing?

Changed the food/water multiplier on gportal, now its perfect.

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