Is thirst broken?

Is thirst currently broken?

Although I have my server settings set extremely low (.05) for thirst consumption, it still seems to drain fairly quickly. Also, drinks of any sort provide an extremely low replenishment, perhaps 1 or 2%. However, drinking from a water well or the river replenishes thirst at a more normal percentage (20-25ish %?)

Is this a problem across all servers, or did I muck something up?

Thanks in advance for any information!

I am not 100% sure on this but I think the regular thirst and hunger settings in the server settings do not work, or do not work as described. Instead you will want to adjust the ActiveThirst and IdleThirst settings., I know these work.

Now from what you report, I almost wonder if the generic thirst setting controls how much replenishment you get from consuming items. If you turned it way down that would suggest why you get so little replenishment. This would require some testing though.


Certain actions cause water to drain faster then food. It’ll always drain abit faster then food.

Times I stand around, they drain the same, but once I start running about map, water will always start gong faster.

there could be something odd going on, but as far as I can tell, it drains faster do to stuff your doing.


Yeah ive noticed water draining faster as well. Ive set it to 0 and still get thirsty, .01 still thirsty. I use the active and idle thirst settings and same result, but it DID work correctly before. Perhaps there is a setting combo that the server likes.

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It was long ago, that both drained about same. once they adjusted and added how stats work long ago. Thirst would drain faster if your over weight and trying move etc. Its been doing it for over year or more now.

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I’ve noticed that some of the settings on gportal tend to interact in weird ways, and not always reproduceably. I have the best results if I leave the in-game server settings completely alone and do all changes from gportal, but have mixed results.

Consequently, I noticed a very odd thing with spoil rate. If you set spoil rate low, to make food last longer, the timer on the food decay gets longer as appropriate but the food actually seems to decay faster, and it seems to break fish traps if set too low. There is something about the way fish traps work that when I set spoil rate to .01, nothing spoils in your inventory, but no fish ever collect in the traps. Between 0 and 1, your fish traps never fill up and you only get a partial fill depending on how close to 0 or 1 you are.

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I’ve slowly over years tried to get myself to defaults.

I restart alot… most of my changes. (do to ps4 not allowing sliders to work)

Stam drain 0.5 (pet peeve of mine…that a peg-leg man with asthma can out run my physical fit character in games)
Food/Water 0.5 (I use have it at 0.3) didnt feel like I was eating nonstop.
idle is 0.5 (can’t set it to 0.1…feels abit cheaty, I use have it at 0.2, SO I could afk and not come back half dead) Silly sldier wont work right anymore (ps4)

Days are extended (forget) dawn/dusk is abit quicker so night linger better.

Claim raduis .33 (about 3 foundations)

Damage is 2.0 (SP)
Fuel burn is 2.0,
Thats about all I change now.

I noticed when I’m transporting alot of stone or wood etc (yellow-red on weight gauge) it drains alot faster. Itlest on ps4. (which is patch behind)

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I was on vanilla settings up until a couple months ago. Then the whole follower rework and “map” tease dropped and we restarted a couple times and got sick of a lot of the grind, so we went with very forgiving settings for the time being. We wiped the server probably 4 times before switching off vanilla. We may go back with the next wipe; it’ll be a community call. I have a couple friends that are going to join us, learn the ropes, and then I’ll suggest a wipe so that all are on equal footing and re-discuss ground rules.

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