My payment is stuck

hey! I bought 1 month of premium(3 days ago), the money was debited from the card, but I never received the premium, because the payment was stuck, please fix it!


ty funcom for ignore

Not sure how to make new post so here I am… Old aoc player, and made forum account couple minutes ago when I decided it’s time to move on from this game :confused: Long story short, came back about a week ago and sent ticket to get my characters restored. It seems it’s not possible, since Funcom for whatever reason keeps character data for 1month only… Well, silly me coming from WOW where they keep character data indefinitely… Asked about QoL upgrades I bought for my characters (Inventory and crafting bags), but it seems GM can’t help with it either (have monthly bank balance with every transaction made but it seems it doesn’t help)… Well, seems I’m really done with AoC this time, not in mood spending a single $ for QoL upgrades I already paid for, even if I was about to make new characters.

Maja, thank the Chinese company that took over the Norwegian company for that.

I have the same issue