My server has been missing for over 8 hours

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [server missing
Region: [us east

Why is our server missing. Nobody can find it and it has been over 8 hours…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Mine has also 3503

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If PVE, US (3503) we are on the same server, it showed up this morning in the list. But it went down yesterday at like 7pm est ish. For me, for some reason it showed up 5 times in the list but let me get in. Thank god it rolled me back to like 20 seconds before it bombed out and threw us out of the server last night. I was not dead this morning.

No idea what happened or how it was fixed though.

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Same here.3596 isnt showing up in SERVER list.

Im having the same problem but while we couldnt get on or find it we got raoded