My small bug dump

Bug 1


Inside of this place has a lot of collisions that are invisible, have to jump to leave building.

Bug 2

The first men NPC’s with a normal human body at Fractured Citadel/bloodmine don’t show a tag and get one shot by even a 0 str character.

Bug 3

The Temple of the Loon has a lot of chests and other things to loot, but is inhabitated only by 2 rabbits. Might be a joke, might just have spawns messing up, either way.

Bug 4

No collision on the rubble at “The Rave in the rubble”

Bug 5
Lizard in the cove by the ship spawns in the rocks

FeedBack 1
I love a lot about this update, it’s a got a lot of flavour to it with the Grey Ones especially but if there’s one thing that seems a bit small and cramped it’s the wetlands area. I know I’m almost asking for the impossible here to add even more land, but given the nature of the biome I’d suggest expanding it just a bit more to the south and maybe circling the savanna a bit. Just find it odd to have it just cramped between the two fleshed out biomes because I do dig the aesthetics of it.

Feedback 2
I’d really love to have the grey ones beads as a chestpiece and the simpler skull as a headpiece. The added pointy stuff to the set we got is bit miss for me.


Bug 6

Rubble at New Khemi Docks has no texture

bug 7
This area, while dotted with Stygian buildings, is populated by first men. I assume it’s a mistake because there’s not even signs of struggle

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Pool of the Grey Ones: I love the concept but when you kill smaller things that get fully submerged they are almost impossible to loot.

On a side note, the final stairs leading up to it require you to jump if you walk in the middle


Bug 9

Silent legion/first men figurines spawn in with only 1% or so of their HP, making killing them 0 challenge.

Giant king Figurine spawns in an ice giant. I suppose they’re both giants though :slight_smile:

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Hey @Rogbull

Thanks for taking the time to test the 2.4 Testlive update and send us all your feedback. We’ve sent it to the rest of the team so it can be looked into and considered for a future patch.
If you come across new issues or want to send us more feedback, please do so! If you can, help us track these reports by following these guidelines!

Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

The stairs thing happened to me too. Thought it was lag :rofl: . Thanks for posting it.