[NA/PC] Templars PvP 3x and Fast Crafting


Hey there! Thanks for clicking on this post. Templar PvP is a private server located NA West coast for PC players. Its a 3x Exp rate and harvesting server with faster crafting time (set to 0.2). Most of the other settings are left default, except day/night speed which is 0.8/1.2 respectively.

We’re a relaxed server with a rule set designed for players who like to PvP mostly casually like Arena style PvP and War declaration raiding. Basically no total base destruction or offline raiding and such. I’ve played on a lot of RP servers and have made the rules similar to those but without the RP element so we can have a normal PvP server for folks who don’t want the grieving and such of some other servers.

Link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/WS36yY2

Please read the rules and see if this server will be good for you. Feel free to message me here on in Discord.