Need Help with Conan Exiles Server Settings

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I am currently running a Conan Exiles server for a group of friends, and we’re encountering some issues with server settings. Specifically, we’re struggling to balance player progression without making the game too easy or too difficult. I’ve tried tweaking the settings based on online guides, but we’re still not quite satisfied with the results.

Could someone please share their experience or recommendations for configuring server settings? We’re aiming for a challenging yet enjoyable experience without feeling too grindy. Any advice on specific settings for resource respawn rates, XP multipliers, or difficulty adjustments would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I have had a server for six years. sestus2009 is my psn name get in touch I have to go back to work. @emmawilson

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Resource spawn rates I’d recommend leaving as default. Though it will depend if you have a building focus or not. If so, you can adjust this. This will affect how far you’ll need to go to harvest more and more resources for bigger projects. Since you’re looking for something of a challenge but not too much, harvest amount should be somewhere between 1.0 and 2.5. Again it depends on how much farming your group will want to do. If you have a heavy heavy building focus, bump that to 4.0.

Going higher makes gathering not really apart of the game experience, which you can do if you just want to focus only on the building and fighting. I dunno if you have any in the group that is “that guy” who likes to find, gather, and store resources. Giving them a challenge of 2.0 or 2.5 might be good, but if they aren’t present than bumping that up to 3 or 4 might be what you want.

XP multipliers these are interesting. At 1.0x they cause progression to go by way too fast. I actually recommend the following values for a casual play through:

Player XP Rate: 1.0
Player XP Time: 0.1
Player XP Kill: 0.2
Player XP Craft: 0.2

This doesn’t make the game hard or anything, but slows down progression enough that you don’t find yourself outleveling the tier of resources you are on. This ensures for example you have enough steelfire and iron to use steel by the time you are 30, and hardened steel by 50. At default values you could easily be 50+ by the time you have enough steel to use.

If you want a more grueling experience, you can adjust the top value to 0.5 or even lower. It modifies everything else by its percentage.

One bit of warning though, cutting exp cuts exp rates to thralls. So it will make leveling them a bit more of a chore. But if this becomes a problem you can always set the Kill exp to 1.0 once everyone’s 60.

Difficulty adjustments I recommend using default. These are kind of tricky to adjust to one’s liking without a baseline. If you find yourself cleaning house too easily, you can adjust player damage to 0.9 or even go to 0.8. But I don’t recommend doing this till you have a decent handle on the overall feel of all the tiers of enemies and such and how your abilities work against them.

But before you try meddling with those. If you have direct access to the ServerSettings.ini (I’m not sure if consoles can do this in case you’re playing on one). I’d recommend changing the two stamina settings here:


I believe that first one will default to 1.0, but it might be at 0.1 depending on when the server was made (I don’t know if servers auto update this setting on game updates). But the game is intended to be played at 1.0 there.

The second number is default to 1.0 as well (again might be 0.1 for the same reason above). I set this to 3.0 which is 3 seconds of exhaustion when you run out of Stamina. Gives a bit of an incentive to watch your stamina usage. If you want a classic Conan Exiles feel you can set it to 3.75

I wouldn’t go much higher than 4 unless you really want to punish mistakes. And the first number I wouldn’t go much higher than 1.5 unless you really really want to slow down combat. But yeah the first number makes combat faster or slower and the second is for incentivizing smart stamina usage.

As for other stamina settings, I really recommend leaving those at default.

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Since every group has a different idea of what “hard” or “easy” means, it would help if you would post your current settings and tell us what your group currently thinks of those settings. You want something that won’t make the game “too easy or too difficult” but easy or difficult compared to what? We need to know your current settings and your current group opinion before anyone can make suggestions that will be useful to you.

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I believe that the 3 vanilla settings already exist in the game are excellent balanced for difficulty. Choose civil while your characters are low lvls, go to decadent when you are over 60 with decent gear and finally go barbaric when every single fight seems easy.
In order to have a great start each player needs just a sickle, all the rest tools are there from stone.
Many servers are giving a starting pack with star metal tools and a legendary weapon. It’s huge boost to have in the start!

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