NEW Australian Faction Warfare and RP server

Do you want a fresh new start to the game with no base griefing or kill on sights? Or a welcoming server with neutral zones for a new player to learn the ropes?

Then come check out the [AU] Hyland Network ImperialRP at our Discord [cqXgJFHM]

Currently, the server is awaiting an official launch for the public, pending a solid number of players and clans signed up and ready, so that two mega clans don’t just run all over the map.

Clans may claim counties on the map and over time either annex new surrounding counties if available, or wage war against rival clans for their valuable counties. If you’re in a clan then building is restricted to your owned counties. The culture of your county determines your building and armour style in that location. Religious RP if you happen to be a follower of Yog is encouraged…
But PVP outside of declared conquests of a county is restricted to mutually agreed upon challenges.
To prevent base griefing and offline raiding there will be fixed windows each night (Australian time) where your buildings may be damaged, and each county must have a throne to act as the county seat. For an enemy faction to conquer your county, all they need do is gain access to your throne room and destroy your throne, not your whole base!

The more crafty may prefer to become a vassal over outright destruction and bide their time while they stoke the flames of rebellion and plot with other factions to break free of their overlord.

For towering castles, epic sieges and conflicts, and immersive roleplay opportunities, come join our discord and be part of the official server launch :slight_smile:

–Full list of server rules available on the discord.