New content sugestion: races and new towers

sugestion: new content

Since the only way to earn money of a mmorpg, is to sell something, I propose exactly, that. In my case, by borrowing the idea of hero classes, from wow, and sugests a small notum war package with new towers:

Hero professions: Freed cyborgs
The freed cyborgs are not common, stitched together semi uncead, but attempts at originality, by the cyborgs. I propose to sell them in a package with 1 slot for a profession/race combo, and have as example 4 cyborgs in four packages:
Gold package cyborg general. A prototype for a new type of general, this one is one per account, tough “soldier” who can nuke.
Silver package cyborg engineer. A prototype for a builder, pet user. I sugest a self destructing pet who for trials can look a bit like a reskinned probe, who self destruct with a Nuke or damage over time.
Bronze package sergeant. This one is like a different take on a fixer. avoidance, sub machinegun. different toolsets.
Steel cyborg soldier. I sugest leave a dynaboss/mission loot key, for fun, this one is froob friendly, and can be a nice roleplay character, etc.

all come with new heads, and are modified solitus. if they say “nothing” to mission NPCs about not being solitus, wear sunglasses… they get their missions as common citizens, get shoulderpads etc! I propose 3 premium paid, and 1 froob cyborg, with new solitus heads. all are four new race, the cyborg, a modified solitus, and are unique professions.

Notum war package 2023: professional towers.
Easy: make tradeskillable towers, some item looted ,some bought, to use them buy a package. all professions got their own new tower. Shades got a draining tower, some got a conductor, etc. make maybe a conductor and a tower model, and reskin them for each profession. Also possible is to leave challenges for notum war, if its workable.

I dont know how easy it is to work with so old an game, but this is anyway a small sugestion I have for something which prossibly would attract some attention for ppl who want something new.


hehe. I got tired of just seeing posts about bugs, crashes and honestly think we just need stuff to do in-game.

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