New emotes should also work for Thralls

All the new emotes added look good and work well but their is a whole RP community who would love it if we could use them for Thralls to help the seem more alive


Especially the idling animations with weapons.


Totaly they need too work on thralls like the spear training emot why i want too use it on me? that my thralls need to do


I finished the bounty to get all emotes hoping I could use them for my companions, but I can’t even use them on my own characters :face_with_spiral_eyes:.
Can anyone please tell me how to use them in console? When I try I get the “not in current state” message.

You need too have the weapons in your hand too use the emotes🫣


A lot of emote were working for followers and its seems they are not working anymore, anyone else have the same bug?

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With these type of emotes there is no way they were meant to not work with thralls. I’m assuming its just not working as intended.

I do :+1:t3:, but when I hit the emote it won’t work :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You have like a 1 hand weapon and a shield in your hands then you press the button for the emotes and the special emot must show up

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I will try again, but if you don’t have the weapons the emote will not show, and when I have the weapons and the emote shows and I hit the emote I only get the “cannot do in current state” message :sweat:.

Oh yea that i was get too yesterday was have no clue why it was working the day befor

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New emote should work period.

Works with the sword. Got the emotes for the Ax and Hammer, keeps telling me I can’t emote in this state.
only thing in hand is the weapon, tried different ones. Not over loaded, so I just unlocked to broken emotes.

At this point in time it’s not a surprise, I expect this. It’s just far too common now. Maybe they will work with the next login, maybe funcom will fix them in a week or five.

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And now the sword one does work either. I get a can’t emote in present state warning.
Not over loaded.
Have the right weapon.
Made T1 weapons just to check, nope.

Thing is this is what funcom has gotten good at. Releasing broken content. This is just one of the reasons I will never buy anything from the bazaar.

Especially when we pay for them. All of the Bazaar emotes should be modified to work for thralls.


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