New equipment configuration website


Looks very nice.
Something is wrong with import from auno. What I do is import, update equipment that was not in auno, rename and save. It saves 2 setups: 1 called ‘Imported from auno’ and another one that I named.

Edit: would it be possible to create the importing of chars from AOIA? As that is where the builds are always updated…
Edit2: I cannot find morphing memory/infused morphing memory for deck1 :frowning:

SHINY! & great timing as I’m mentoring an AO newbie engineer fugitive from EVE. (and I’m mostly and my engy alts are pretty much newbies too.)

I noticed the same thing. And there’s no way to send feedback to the site admin/creator.

Morphing memory displays correctly on the paper doll when imported from auno, but cannot be selected via the drop down list at aosetups. And yeah, the renaming and updating function creates a second (and confusing) character entry. No idea about the AOIA thing.

The engineer manual will help your friend ease into playing - : Froob Engineer Manual: The Early Days : Anarchy Online Community : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

He has a youtube channel, you can send feedback about bugs in the comment section.

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I think you have to create an account and log in for importing.

I figured there would be more enthusiasm for this new website - but people are kinda ‘meh’ about it.

i added a link to it in my own thread if thats ok.