New EU Server 70 slots - PC


Hello everybody, new EU server:

  • [EU] Forgotten Kingdoms PVP [3x] [admin]
  • Discord:
  • 70 slots
  • PC
  • Organized and planned server events with fully dedicated admins, enrolling users in new experiences every week

[3x farming]
[3x XP rating]
[Admin/GM not involved in-game]

We are startig to have people over and preparig to start the first round of server weekly events, those will include:

  • 1v1 and 2v2 arena
  • 3 vs bosses arena
  • treasure hunter
  • world bosses
  • “sepcial” items (no mods)
  • dedicated GM full time
  • and more with a group of specialized creators and planners

Join us if you like to play in a dynamic server