New Lordore – PC – Strictly Roleplay

New Lordore – PC – Strictly Roleplay (PvP Enabled)


If you do anything in this New Year, it should be to join our nicely populated server. We are completely unique to any other, find out for yourself. I would argue we are between PvE and PvP. Wonderfully populated with respectful, friendly Roleplayers!

• WE NEED YOU Kingdom leaders and loyal subjects (Some Kingdoms still for the taking). Kingdom warfare, or Kingdom peace? What do you choose…? Maybe you’re an Outlaw who lives under no ruler. Perhaps youd just like to own land instead as a Jarl?

• EU server with EU and US players (sometimes even AUS and ASIA)
• X2 XP with cheeky boosts
• Events, end game content, auctions with admin items, quests, stories (plenty to entertain)
• Working Bank, Prison, Working economy, Player markets, Paid work (occupations/roles)
• Raid times, strict raid/theft rules, no excessive damage/stealing permitted
• Very friendly and fun community, especially for new RPers and new game players
• Travelers hubs and map rooms for easy map travel
• Players looking for clan mates
• A few Immersive Races (adding some mythology but keeping it simple)
• Extended map (no complete map overhauls though) and seasons
• Keep on death but death grants a second chance (Unconscious for 90 seconds)
• Useful kits for a quick start, so you can really dive into your roleplay

Wiki: YNAW

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