New Lordore RP PVEC PC

New Lordore -PvE-C - Strictly Roleplay Server – PC

Come and join us in New Lordore for immersive, friendly and fun RP. The community here are friendly, funny, mature and welcoming. They provide in depth, versatile and extensive roleplay, I couldn’t be prouder of the player base.

Whilst we are UK based, we have players from all around the world who enjoy their time here. This means that there are always players online. We are a bustling server, with roleplay always available.

The server provides an interesting Kingdom system with leaders and laws. Within the kingdoms players have villages which trade together within their occupations/roles. This really instills our economy system well.

We provide a challenging environment, with lower harvest rates and harder content, although it is still accessible to new players by joining villages, level 30 potions, free racial kits etc.

We are a low fantasy based server, though we try and keep as cannon as possible, with many races to choose from all with perks and flaws. Indrids enables the use of magic within these.

Join our discord to get to know the community, find out more information and read our testimonials.