!new no horse pvp siptah wipe 25.09.2020 14.00!

!NEW NO HORSE PVP SIPTAH WIPE 25.09.2020 14.00!

We gonna present some changes in order to balance siptah a bit more towards pvp.

  1. Mounted pvp (Horse or rhino) will be prohibited. However, you are allowed to use mounts to travel around the map.
  2. You will need lesser swirling chaos to summon surges. T1 = stays the same (only eldarium) T2 = 100 // T3 = 200 // T4 = 500
  3. We will turn down the cooldown for the vaults. Vaults will be up again after 60 mins. (Can be further adjusted during the wipe)
  4. There will be a “rebuild kit” in combination with the 48h raid protection you can ask for after getting wiped. (substantial amount of loot must be lost) Therefore we ask you to show us your event log so we can see what you lost.
    -> If you had almost all thralls in T2 you will get every working thrall x1 in T1. If you mostly got T3 working thralls you will get back every working thrall 1x in T2 (and so on…) + 1 Set of Star metal tools.

Farm/Exp rate: 3x / 4x
Raid time: Mon-Fri: 8-10 pm / Sat-Sun: 8-11 pm @GladiatorTime
Clan size: 5
Playercap: 60
Friendly fire: 1.0
Respawn timer: 15 min
Crafting time: 0.5
Building dmg: 1.0
Thrall conv.: 0.5
Thrall limit: 15 Thralls (Horses only for transportation)