New player looking for xbox pvpve group

Hey I’m a semi-new player getting back into Conan Exiles. Joined when it was just released on xbox but gave up on it cause of all the crashing and general unplayability. but its seems much better now so I’m ready to give it a more serious go.

Not looking for any super big mega tribes though. I do have a mic. I’m 25. I prefer honorable pvp, not so much trolling pvp… unless someone maybe deserves it… I might stick to myself early on just to get an idea of the mechanics but you can stick me anywhere or give me a minor task like harvesting, farming, building, hunting ect. and i can do most things at least. I’m generally about as flexible as they come for the purpose of learning at the moment. Also want to get involved in the PvE aspect of the game for a while just to see what it has to offer there as well.

If anyone takes interest, send me a message on xbox.
Gamertag: grim1100

Hey! I know it’s been a while but do you still need a tribe to join? Have a few people and looking to expand :blush: