NEW PVE-PC server inviting all builders

ATTENTION builders of Conan Exiles; Lands of the Unknown (NOTE the 30 slot one) is a NEW server and welcomes all players to join this freshly unbuilt on the server.

NOTE: Admin open to suggestion to make server more enjoyable and as restarting the server back up, was away for a month due to an illness – much better now :blush:

Server: Lands Of The Unknown (Note 30 slot one NOT the 10 slot one, which someone just made)
Platform: PC
Server Status: 24/7 | 30 slots | Active Admin | Relaxed |


********** Useful Commands **********
/sethome (sets an /home location)
/home (take you to your /sethome location
/teleport (telports you to another player)
/summon (summons a player to you)

Stat Changes:

  • Day Cycle: 45 mins (.25)
  • ItemSpoilRateScale is cut is half .5 (was 1 (.5: 4 min. and 1: 2 mins)]
  • MaxBuildingDecayTime : 15 days (can change later if the community wants)
  • EXP: x5
  • harvest XP: x7 and Harvesting: x5
  • thrall training time: cut in half
  • thrall crafting x2.5

Note the mods you do not need to install as THE GAME does all of this and deactivate them when stop playing on the server then reactivate them when playing again.

Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Emberlight 3.1.0
IMMERSE RP: Placables Décor
IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Décor
Jungle Building Set
Limestone Buildings - A Greek Server Mod
Fence Gates
Pythagoras Support Beams
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.7
Lockable Chest
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
Conan Sexiles
Aquilonian Females
Build Shortcut Bar
EverN00b’s minor inventory mod

Basic Rules:

  1. Do not block discovery locations, Dungeons, bosses/chests or abundant resource locations such as Iron, Brimstone, Crystal, Lotus, etc. This includes heavy traffic areas such as Unnamed City and its boss spawns.
  2. Do not block other players builds; communication goes a long ways
  3. If interested in becoming a moderator/admin just let me know 4. Admins are open to suggestions in making server more fun if possible