New pvp server gladiators wiped 04.09.2020! no horses, low thrall limit

You’re also done fighting against overtuned horses and thralls all the time? Then we want to invite you to our new no horse, low thrall limit(5 thrall, working thrall excluded) pvp server. We will offer you a stable pvp server observed by active Admins to guarantee a funny and fight-heavy experience! We will host different events during wipes with prizes inside and outside the game! For more information and the possiblity to vote and be part of the community join our discord:

Farm/Exp rate: 3x / 6x
Raid time: mon-fri: 20-22/sat-sun: 20-23 (gladiator server time)
Clan size: 7
Playercap: 60
Friendly fire: 1.0
Respawn timer: 15 min
Crafting time: 0.5
Building dmg: 1.0
Thrall conv.: 0.3
Thrall limit: 5 Thralls(working thralls excluded)

Hi i tried to join your discord but it says the invite was invalid, is it possible to get a new invite? and i couldn’t find your server.