New Server Owner. PVP setting wont stick? keeps resetting

Hello again. the PVP settings i instate keep resetting. i have since gone through GPortal to get other settings to stick but im having trouble getting the PVP times to stick.

in GPortal i type out the time as 11.00 but when i get into the server that time says 00.11. if i change these in the server itself it just resets when i logout. how do get these times to stick? i want the times to read start 11.00 end 20.00 and start 00.00 end 00.01 but it wont let me.

is anyone able to help me?

Sorry mate, I do not use GPortal. I run my own dedicated server.

But, are you able to modify the *.ini file directly in GPortla?

xXBelocXx - Imaginary Realms

have you tried typing 1100 and 2000 respectively 0000 and 0001 in the g-portal panel.