[NEW SERVER PS4] Tonight We Dine in Hell (hardcore PvP)

A couple of friends and I just bought an official PvP server, and we’re looking for hardcore to mild PvPers to join up and have some fun! We do have a discord for organization (posted on the message of the day since I cant put links here). Anyone and everyone is welcome as long as you can accept being raided from time to time since it is a PvP server! We are looking forward to seeing you in here!

Rates: • 4x harvest rate multiplier • 4x experience rate multiplier • 0.6x craft time multiplier • 5x thrall conversion rate • Pet conversion rate is set to faster than official

Raiding and PvP: • NO ADMIN ABUSE • Weekday raiding times - 5:00 PM EST until 10:00 PM EST • Weekend raiding times - 10:00 AM EST - 2:00 AM EST

General: • Containers ignore ownership • Items are dropped upon death • Avatars are enabled • Community centers are stocked daily for new players to get food, and tier 1 mats • Community events will be held when server kicks up in people