New Server "The District" looking for new members 10x

What’s good my lovely people I have a new Conan server that’s up and running and were looking for new players to join. With this server you rank up fast can become rank 60 in minutes we also have 10x multipliers fast spawn and crafting times and night goes by like a breeze. Be the first few new players to join and you will be blessed with a starter pack. We have raid bases built by admins around the base along with guys building beautiful locations as viewing points and currently under construction is a server Tavern for those who rather buy food and drink boosters so join today mainly all building locations are available for building like i said its a new server. Its a restricted time PvP server to allow rebuilding times are weekdays 5:00pm-12:00am and weekdays 12:00pm-2:00am no PvP on holidays to allow time with family so enjoy and be one of the first to receive their pack today. More to come arenas and map rooms at all obelisk locations. Thanks and look forward to playing with you.