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Question: Why would Funcom remove thralls from crafting what is going on?? So what do you do in a game that is based on thralls, hunting for them, capturing them, training them its only been the basis of the game from day one. What will I do with my game time now. Whats the point of running the layshrine why would I spend days gathering unstables to run a layshrine if the thralls I get do nothing? So essentially now there is no reason to play the game. Good going and the cost of these new stations are so expensive and the size of these stations are huge, so how would you even afford these stations while trying to build your base. I dont get you Funcom all you needed to do was make T4 thralls spawn somewhere now who cares about thralls they do nothing why would I even run a layshrine why even run the demons why even play??? You change the cost of everything and killed the thralls so what is the game now?? why even have wheels why why why and dont even get me started on the armor so no more +9 its not even conan anymore. I got a T3 carpentar and his specialty is turning sticks into wood besides that he does nothing so what is the purpose again?? Honestly you have just killed the game THRALLS are CONAN without them or a use for them NO CONAN!!! Honestly do any of you Devs even play or have ever played the game without admin panel?


Great question. That was addressed in the Developer Stream on October 23. Here’s the notes provided by @Narelle

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so why release the patch if he wasnt around? … I hope Multigun gets better BTW sending energy to him. I don’t think you guys realize how much you have changed the game and altered the reason for playing.

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BTW the new stations look cool… but why so $$$ and huge so I have 5 alch types really?

You do realize that @Multigun is not an employee, but rather a very respected, volunteer to the Conan Exiles community, right? Patches, updates, and upgrades from gaming corporations do not wait on the convenience of certain, individual volunteers, even if they are highly respected.

As for what Funcom “knows” – I can only speculate. I’m guessing that its too early to tell how the changes have impacted the game and they are reading our feedback to see what we say. So by all means, share your experiences and let them know in specific detail what you like or don’t like. Now is the time to speak up.


thank you Bodin :slightly_smiling_face:

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