New update to be released soon and offi servers under ddos attack

hi all,

i’m a little bit afraid to hear that the update will be realease very soon as actually a lot of offi servers are not accessible and under malicious ddos attack


this is only those who have appeared on the forum the last 2 days.

But will this update solve the fact we cannot access the offi server on which we play ?

and if not, is it really a good idea to relase update when a major issue is not solved ?

and please those who try to help, do not give the form to fill, we know it and filled it thousand times, some servers are in this state for several months.


well 1932 just re opened, all decaying… so some can really open and close official server at will…

What I wonder: Are DDoS so cheap nowadays? The same when the forum was under DDoS… Someone either has a botnet on standby or enough money to pay for such things.

and ddos attack resumed again on 1932; server closed now

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