🔥 #NEW #WIPED 09.10 Tormentia x5/x3 | New Player Friendly | Battle Arena | Events


Ready your swords and shields exiles, the land of Tormentia is back!!. Every fighter is welcome here, old clans and new. If you are looking for a friendly community that loves to battle each other, build huge castles and enjoys to make a sacrifice once in a while, this is the place for you.

===General Info===


  • New 09.10 Tormentia: Siptah x5/x3 PvP
    Server IP / Ingame Direct Connect
  • Or use the ingame searchbar and type “Tormentia”.

Server Settings

  • Discord: TORMENTIA
  • Wipes Every 1-2 months depending on server population.

Small simple set of rules (basically official rules)

===Server Stats===

  • x5 Experience
  • x3 Gathering


  • HYBORIAN GOLDEN AGE [Several Boosts to Harvesting, fuel, crafting time & more]
  • RAGNAROK [Gods Allowed]
  • BATTLE ARENA [Single, Free for all, Teams]

===New Players===
:cyclone:We are currently looking for new players/clans. We have several clans that are always looking for more members. If you are totally new to the game we’ll be happy to answer or give you info if you need to, we are social and very responsive. Give us a try and have a laugh with us.

I’m always open to suggestions, just give me time to evaluate. Changes will always be in favor of the server and the community in general.

===Social Rules===

  • Have fun and let others have fun
  • Basic common sense
  • CROM will punish you if you break one of these. :skull:

Greetings! Will you be wiping the server for the release of the game? Thanks

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Hello! No I will not, unless I’m forced to. Meaning that if the game shows discrepancies, odd crashes etc I will have to wipe. TThis could happen as a result of the new patch and areas being added at launch. Even if that were to happen I’ll do a PARTIAL WIPE, so everyone keeps their levels and unlocks, items and structures will dissapear.

==Fight, Build, Survive, Join Tormentia!!==


The end is here! There is nothing the Gods can do to prevent Ragnarok!!
Avatars are available
Player damage is boosted
Harvesting x4
Crafting is boosted
Experience x5


UPDATE 07/05/18

We have a new group! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tormentia
If you are playing in this server subscribe now! it contains upcoming events, announcements, details, everything.

Here is an Annoucement regarding LaunchDay https://steamcommunity.com/groups/tormentia#announcements/detail/1655513946241107624

UPDATE 08/05/18

We are Live!
The server has been wiped, may the gods be on your favor.
See you on the battlefield exiles!

O/ Exiles!
Since everyone’s been so cool and active we’ll be running two major events this weekend!

We’ll have an Hyborian Age event from Sat 26 - Sun 27. Experience/Gather x5
Also we’ll have our first Arena Tournament on Sat 26 at 7:30pm ET(Server Time). Since this is our first Tournament every gladiator will recieve a Legendary Key.

Check our group for details!

UPDATE 24/05/18

Looking for a New Beggining? We’ll be running a X5 GATHER / EXPERIENCE EVENT this weekend!
Our Starting Area is periodically cleared so join us, claim a piece of land an build up your empire!

UPDATE 25/05/18
Hope everyone had a good Friday so far and is ready for the weekend!
We’ll have several events. Hyborian Age (x5 gather/xp) so if you are looking for new beggining this is your opportunity!
Our Starting Area is periodically cleared so join us, claim a piece of land an build up your empire!

This guy is one stand-up admin. 10/10 would recommend :eggplant::eggplant:. Torm runs a great server and this isn’t his first. Want some fun pvp action or just some pve adventure? This is the place. Check them out!

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Yo!! :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for that

:star:Server has been cleared of old, abandoned buildings.
:star_struck:Join now and claim those spots!

Been playing on this server for a few weeks. Great community and the perfect mix of PVP.

We had a big war last week, one clan went around offline raiding a bunch of people. Then those who were raided banded together and attacked that clan. No shortage of shenanigans.

Also, server sponsored pvp events like the pvp tournaments / battle royale events on some weekends are a great break in the grind.

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Yo thanks!

That’s right! :star_struck:We are now 8 active clans!! There are more opportunities to join a clan and recruit!

As Dooderek said :hugs: we had a massive server raid yesterday, most of the clans joined and earned some great rewards.

Hope you can join the fun and give us a try.


Has a great growing community with plenty of active players. 5x harvesting and PvP events makes conan bearable to play for more then a week. The ADMIN is very active and is always willing to help (even when not online). So if you are tired of the grind, looking for a great community, or looking for something different LOOK NO FURTHER TORMENTIA is for you!

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Avatar should be disabled. just saw horse’s video on set. man that snake just ripping through tier 3 buildings… totally unbalanced.

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did i forgot to mention… 5x gather rate… using exploits to kill boss monsters and voila… 5 keys… im loving it.

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it’s always good to promote Horsies channel =) -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpg3p07BSlPTfxbtzWikOxA

hmm exploits? you mean explotions right? :fire: KABOOM :fire: … should recreate my character and name him Goblin-Techies :rofl:


And I have a new thing planned for this weekend! Capture the flag/Kill the dancer lol.
… More of that ingame :wink:

We are Live!
The server has been WIPED ( 06.16.18) , may the gods be on your favor.
See you on the battlefield exiles!