Not A Bloodless Night

**Not A Bloodless Night**

Another night, another club, another purpose.

A young woman slowly works her way through the crowd of moshing bodies at the Garageland. Pogoing along with them to the beat of the band on stage. Pushing and shoving prevalent along with the occasional bottle, can or plastic cup dispersing their contents over the dancers.

The band finishes its set but the dancing doesn’t stop as the resident DJ spins up classic punk from the previous century.

The venue’s lighting begins to throb, and the strobe effect appears to have those pogoing suspended in the air. It’s during one of the flashes of light the woman finds her prey.

Mihael Klimencou was a geneticist, nominally employed by the Orochi subsidiary Vali to study the genetics of various cancers and discover how this knowledge could forward man’s ability to combat this scourge.

In reality he was usually in Romania, experimenting on the various life forms there, trying to create something that could forward the corporate goals. He was so close, The Romani children had something special, he just had to find it. Imagine if you could control the hyper violent behemoths they could produce now.

That was a problem for ‘future Mihael’, tonight was for entertainment as he threw back another shot. The two young women with him tried to drag him onto the floor but his phone chirped. Directing them to go ahead and that he’d join them in a moment, he sits again and answers the insistent beast.

The young woman has slowly and purposefully moved to a position behind the man and waits patiently for him to finish his call. London’s Calling is reaching its end. The lights go out, this doesn’t stop the music.

In the dark she leans forward and breathes into his ear “No more children for you.” He then slumps back into his chair and she removes the stiletto that has been driven upwards from the base of his neck, through the Foramen Magnum and into his midbrain.

The lights return but Aath and her team have already left the venue.

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