Nouveau joueur/ New player

Bonsoir je voudrais reprendre le jeu mais je ne sais pas quelle serveur choisir. Je recherche un serveur actif avec une communauté française et des joueurs actif. je compte m’investir dans le jeu et découvrir le plus possible. a bientôt je l’espère.

Good evening I would like to resume the game but I do not know which server to choose. I am looking for an active server with a French community and active players. I intend to invest myself in the game and discover as much as possible. see you soon, I hope

There is a French guild active on Crom Server. I butcher the pronunciation and the spelling but the leader’s name is Damiels

thank you very much for your info. I’ll go and see as soon as possible

Hi, Sephirothe if i’m not wrong you got those guild for french player :

  • Les guerriers de l’ombre : Lead by Damiels (maybe more Quebecois rather than EU french)
  • Team Rocket : Lead by Kazakdt (With some ENG ppl)
  • Les Taverniers : Lead by Gkazan (full french guild)

And there is an “Alliance francophone” or something like dat with some guild (like Team Rocket & Taverniers and some other little guild) they put sometimes ads on global

Hope you find something cool for you :slight_smile:

thank you very much for your quick reaction and help