Offical Server # 1206 PvE Conflict suddenly a full PvP server

the Offical Server # 1206 PvE Conflict i was playing on is suddenly a full PvP server, will this be reversed back or do I need to search for a new server?

This is a feature - they converted all PvE-C into PvP so yes, better find regular PvE server before the PvP monkeys gets in and ruin your PvE experience :roll_eyes:

And I am afraid Funcom will loose more players then they will satisfy with this “clever” change. I do not understand why there cannot be: PvP, PvE and PvE-C all together…

PvE Confict was updated to PvP due to the server mode being unpopular. It was kind of a PvP “lite”. I haven’t heard anything about PvE servers being removed.

And of course, this is only for Official Servers. Private servers can still be set up to work like PvE Conflict by using the “Time-Restrict PvP” setting in the Server Settings menu.

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