Official 8081 Isle of Siptah Server Issues

The official 8081 Isle of Siptah Server never came back up when it reset yesterday morning (8 Aug) and still remains down. Is the server gone for good? Is it being worked on to come back up? Does anyone have any ideas on what happened, other than it crashed?

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Myself and my clan all put in zendesk tickets and all we’ve seen are the automated “thanks for sharing, we’ll look into it when we can” responses

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Where do you put in this ticket?


Well the server is back up but when I try to log in, I’m getting the character creation screen… grrrrrrr. This isn’t good.

DOes it mean it was a wipe and not just a reset for this server ?

No idea. There’s been zero comment from either FC or gportal

Hello everyone,

Please make sure you report any performance issues on our official servers into Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.

You can read more on how to send a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures