Official Asia pvp 3396 is down?

Not found in the list

Hi, are you sure it was an Official g-portal server? Because i noticed in the list there are alot that are not true Official g-portal servers :wink:

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select Official option Will appear unofficial server ?

Official server #3396 PvP - g-portal us is unofficial server ?

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Hi, as long as it says Official server g-portal. Then it is Official, but the only reason it wouldn’t show in the list is if it no longer exists, like when a server is down, its still there it just says “Offline” so i’m not 100% sure if yours was official :thinking:

Official server #3396 Although it is not on the list,
But I can log in to this server from Friend invitation

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When you click on the server in Battlemetrics, the info list on the left will say Official server: true

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