Official PvE-C #6438 has crashed/unable to log in

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online official)
Type of issue: *[ Select one: Crash | Bug ]
Server type: [ | PvE-Conflict | ]
Region: [ US ]
Mods?: [ No ]
Edition: [ Steam ]

Bug Description:

While playing everyone online was disconnected instantly. While trying to reconnect the server is showing 9999 ping and no one can reconnect.

Expected Behavior:

The server to be running and able to connect without issue.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

Tried to connect to the server after restarting PC and router, still encountered server down/9999 ping. Determined issue was with server and not end point user.

Was able to access 6438 with no issues just now. It did look like it crashed about 90 minutes ago but it’s since recovered.

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Thank you, as you mentioned you can now enter the server, I hope the error does not pass again, it would be the third time in 15 days.

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