OFFICIAL Pve-C server #1043 down for 2 weeks

I haven’t seen any posts anywhere from Funcom regarding Pve-C servers being down. I see several Pve-C servers that are just dead. Do Funcom abandon these? The bases have started decaying I assume but shedding some light on the issue would be appreciated. I haven’t seen any posts on the forum here from players either, do people just accept it and move on to a new server?

Server 1977 pve-c down just now, no one can join due to freeze in loading screen bug.

I could very well be wrong but I believe players on those server need to file a ticket with Gportal{?}, the server host.

Greetings Exile,

Please follow the stated on the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket. Make sure to select “Official server performance” as the issue type.:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: