Official Server 1653 unable to connect - help

Unable to connect to the server, it booted us out but still shows everyone still online. Been this way for over an hour now. Believe this server is locked up, as it still pings but cant connect.

Since the last December 2018 update I have been having this problem every few hours with official server 7036. I really wish I could help you but instead came here looking for help. Whoever helps you also helps me. I wish you luck.

Thanks bud, this is still an ongoing issue it appears as it just happened yet again.

same with official server 1518

Hey there,

We are currently gathering information about issues with server stability. @ph11p3540 did this issue appear after the December 10th update for you?
Additionally, we would like to remind everybody that this form is available in-game to report any server outages to our server provider, who handles server restarts.

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