Official Server 2812 0/40 9999 Ping

Online on official america server 2812
The server keeps showing 0/40 9999 ping after kicking me off of it saying im losing connection to the server but i can connect to other ones just fine, i can stay on it for a few minutes then i get kicked and it wont let me back on until i go into single player then it does let me stay on for only another few minutes, can the server be reset/turned off then back on or something? Im not too sure if that will work, because i did get to 60 not too long ago and started building up, I would prefer not to lose anything to a server side issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Same thing for us man . For a few of us 9999 ping and 0/40 . This is on 2804 .

So im not the only one, i thought at first it was related to my own internet but i was able to connect to other servers just fine and play other games overall just fine. Maybe its just an issue with servers starting with 28?

I’m having the same issue, specifically with server 2811 and other servers. I am able to log into some servers without any problems tho.

Well then, at this point they may as well turn off all servers starting with 28 then turn them back on if itll help

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How has none of the Devs looked at this . It’s stopping so many players from getting onto the servers .

I’m now getting this issue on 2578 please help

We’ve looked into server 2578 and there were no oddities registered at the time you’ve posted, according to the stats it had the usual player activity.

G-Portal will be issuing maintenance to all servers throughout today and tomorrow which should improve performance all over the board.

We’ll be closing this topic as you should open a new one if you’re still experiencing issues after the maintenance, while also providing as much detail as possible: