Official Server at Release with nationality name-tag?

Hi all,

I got some questions and suggestions:

How will the servers be named? Again only with numbers and playstyle (pve etc…)?
Is it possible or/and do the community want the servers also to be name-tagged with nationality
(like “#231 official italian pvp server” or something like that).
In my opinion i would prefer to play on a server where a lot of people are from my nationality
(i’m not racist, its just easier to communicate in your mother tongue)
and with a name-tag on the server-list this people are easier to find.
surely you should have the decision if you want to play on a server with other languages than yours and i hope you are welcome if its possible to say that in exiled lands… :wink:

otherwise i have to start a character on all servers and ask around where are the most people with my language… ;D
or is it not allowed to speak other languages than english in official chat ingame?

how do you like this idea? let me/us know!

greetings ■■■


Even if i always play on private server (rp), a country tag on official could indeed be usefull, i know not everyone can speak english and it would be a way to solidify diferent community around the world

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I would like official servers with lore based names, such as Set, and server location in parenthesis, such as (EU-Ger, EU-FR, US-East, etc.


I’m a citizen of the world and embrace all cultures, please no nazionalist ghetto naming, please just no.
Also I comunicate with my sword and my fists. :smiley:
I’m italian and I hate playing on only ita game-servers because it makes for ghettos and advanced all-around toxic behaviours…

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aww… i don’t want them to bring “ghettos”! :sweat_smile:
there should also be some server like “free-for-all-languages” or without country tag or something like that…
and you are welcome to play on my country tagged server as well… :wink:
it was just an idea to bring down some peoples inhibitions to play the game online with others.
i think there are many people who dont speak english very well or are very shy and
country tagged servers could help out here…

greetings ■■■

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It could work for PvE, I’m not doubting that. But on PvP fists and blades should be the language choice, right? :smiley:

hey folks…
i wanna push this thread because i hope we get an answer from the devs how the server will be named.
maybe they give us a little more information how official serversettings will be set up on the final start (like more player than 40 allowed, pvp only on restricted times, all stays like it is now, etc…)

greetings ■■■

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Sweet I’m not the only one look for this to be answered. I got on a few servers, and everyone I talk to said it was a US-west server @ 300-500 ping it was killing literally and figuratively because I’m in the US-East.

yeah it would be nice to have official server list.
Also we need to know what timezones servers are so we know raid etc times.
Also nice to have list before so we can plan with clan where to go

anyone find answers for this ?