One click to pull out/put away weapons and/or shield

Im sure a lot of people get frustrated with it but eventually becomes second nature, the annoyance of having to pull up the pin will just to select your weapon and/shield and to put away.

I play on ps4, L1 button being to press and hold toggle the pin wheel. So why can’t we have it so we press L1 once and it draws our main weapons and press again to put away?

Also id like to suggest to free up space in the pin wheel. On our characters main inventory screen why can’t we have two extra boxes where our armor is applied to have main hand and off hand. Main hand being the main weapon and off hand being the shield. Obviously this comes down to the type of weapons you choose being daggers or two handed weapons, not to mention if you have a pick/axe/rope or what ever item needs to be used to select from the pin wheel it overrides your main selected weapons to it’s intended hand. Then if your in trouble a simple press and it resets back to pulling out your main selection. I’m pretty sure that comes down to common sense.

Other games do this and it works great so no reason why we can’t have this as well.

This could work. The top slot of the wheel is the dedicated slot.

And if you look at software like Pinnacle for the PC, it is possible to code in stuff like this.

You insert Tap and Hold functions.

So the Tap function does Sheathe/Unsheathe of whatever is in that top slot. And the Hold function opens the wheel.

Personally they need to change the Wheel anyways. The X button press needs to be removed and changed to the R3 instead.

This is how it functions in Monster Hunter World, and it is SO damn easy.

You could expand on this further, for what you said.

Double Tap – Main Hand / Offhand are both equipped to replace whatever is currently equipped.
Single Tap – Unequips anything currently equipped, equips top slot item if nothing is equipped
Hold – Opens Wheel.

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