Only wood? Notes, Signs, drawbridge

Maybe add a different sign design or at least one that doesn’t belong in a shack. A stone sign, or black ice sign. Something better, for writing.

Also, would really like to get a black ice Drawbridge. Wood just doens’t go very well with the black ice and higher tier structures.

Also, have you guys considered letting us leave actual “notes” on the Notes in the game? I thought that was the intention when I first made one. But it does not allow one to edit. I feel like this would be simple, for clan members, you can leave notes etc. Idk just trying to be immersive I guess


Agreed on all points. Plus I’d add different tiers/styles of elevators as well to fit the higher tier structures.


Surprisingly the elevator looks really good within castle walls/shafts. Though I couldn’t disagree. The elevators look best indoors. I have a build i need to put up on FB/Twitter that shows this.

I would say that if they are going to make any changes to the elevators, it would be to add stops to it, for multi level builds.

Definitely a yes on just having a drawbridge that doesn’t look like a bunch of crudely nailed together planks, I’d settle for that even if it’s wood but having tiers that match the other sorts of building materials would be amazing.

There are a lot of things in game that work well when you are building with sandstone or stonebrick that just completely fall out of use when you get to reinforced stone or black ice because they just look comparatively ugly, I actually didn’t even realize there /were/ drawbridges, or siege cauldrons, until i went snooping through all the available building pieces because I’ve never seen them used in videos or pictures

After building a drawbridge the first time I could understand why, hopefully when the siege update happens we get new and/or updated things.


Yeah, the drawbridge doesn’t look horrible as is, but would definitely be more fitting up close, especially when it is closed.

Here is one of my builds


There are mods, one at least, that lets you write (up to 600 characters I think) using the notes already in the game that are used for decoration. The ones that can be placed on walls I mean, one with an arrow, and the one with a dagger. I find them essential to get in contact and message others in RP environment. I assume this feature could be easily implemented. I don’t know if that would cause too much load on databases and cause lesser performance, but so far I haven’t had any issues with them.

It’s so dark all I can make out are the crenelations and a dragon trophy… :frowning:

yeah I tried to copy it over from Xbox live, but for whatever reason it goes much darker when I access it from PC.

All drawbridges we’re made of wood banded with iron or Steel making it out of anything else would have been too heavy 2 lift without modern machinery however the drawbridge they use here looks like shipping pallet nailed together. A better drawbridge design or using different types of wood would be nice


Yes on the usable notes. That would be awesome

They just added them

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making higher tier ones faster would be awesome. I can climb faster than the elevator, lol.

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