Ooohhh yeah world is you

Please join our server if your tired of your server being turned off without no warning join our server on ps4 …it’s paid for the next year :slight_smile: well let’s make a thumping pvp community very helpful admins no abuse open land for all real fun vibes … be sure to check out our 4 welcome center , gladiator arenas and our Empire State Building currently working on dance club and fisheries fast travel unlocked for all
10x exp/ 10 thrall keep on drop we are running a democracy here every thing on server can be voted for change just let us know oir server name is
Ooohhh yeah world is yours …welcome gifts for all of wanted


I would like to join your server.

Is there any clans willing to take someone in?

Definately I’ll get u started if u would like with a nice starter pack but there plenty of clan hey if all else fails u can join mine lol

Let’s go squuuuuuaaaaaaaadddd uuiuppppppp