Optimized for X|S are we getting it also?

So Conan Exiles is getting optimization on the X|S this coming Thursday (5-27-21) when it becomes available for Gamepass. Will there be an optimization/upgrade for PS5 as well?

Where did you read this?

Conan Exiles (Cloud and Console) ID@Xbox – May 27 – Optimized for Series X|S on May 27
Alone and naked in a hostile land, your first task is simply to survive. Then you must build a stronghold and gather your allies. And from there, you can set out to dominate your enemies. Conan Exiles is a single and multiplayer survival game, set in a massive open-world sandbox with mythical beasts, perilous dungeons, and the freedom to play whichever way you like.

This is from the Gamepass info on the Xbox website.

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Hey @Pvp101insession

We’d love to explore this option for PS5 in the near future, however for Siptah’s launch these optimizations are coming for Xbox Series consoles while on PS5 the game and expansion will be available via backwards compatibility only.

I’d be more comfortable to hear that you will be definitely exploring the option for ps5 in the NEAR future. Out of curiosity why only the Xbox s??

For Xbox consoles, the process of adding the Series X|S device profiles was something Microsoft supported so we’ve been able to add it on the Gamepass version. The process on PlayStation requires more work to implement and wasn’t an option when we started this process earlier in the year. We would love to have an optimized version that improves the experience on PS5 but we can’t commit to that at this time.
However, that being said, running it on a PlayStation 5 will still benefit from the extra power of this hardware. Along with the optimizations we’re introducing with 2.4.4 we aim for it to be a smooth experience.


Because one site is greener then the other site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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