Orb of nergal zoom is off

When using the orb of nergal, the view zooms in and you can’t see the head and apparently can’t move the camera to change view. It looks like the destination for the zoom is not coded correctly.

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I’ve had this problem too, had to crouch to see which hairstyle I was choosing!

Likewise. Mildly annoying since this was the first time I used it since it used to crash the game. Waited so long and here I am… stuck again XD


Thank you so much for your report and thorough information.

I reported this issue and we will try to investigate it as soon as possible, meanwhile, we appreciate your patience.

If any more information pops up, feel free to reach out to us :smile:

@Birder @Menelaus @SerWilliamEd-II

For whatever reason, if you have a bow equipped when you open the bench, it works normally.