Overbright charred trees Siptah newbiome

New volcanic biome
Cinder trees glow too bright
location example: -173,108 x 198,497 x -19,177

instead of looking like charcoal as with the trees in the EL volcano, these look like bright pillars of marching led or neon lights.

PS: climbing these things aught to burn the player, wouldn’t you think?

It’s an issue with the Testlive branch having to do with DLC ownership.

It works like normal when updating the main Conan Exiles client to the Testlive version.

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What Multigun said, we found out that it affects also the vault doors and the glowing goop plants. The textures would look fine when the update goes live or if you use TestLive branch from the Live client instead of the stand-alone TestLive Dedicated Client.

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