Pandora PVP AU/NZ

We launched our new server on the 29th June, And so far its going great! It’s a combined effort from a few people from previous servers run by the same team, and this one is bigger and better than ever!

We have active admins, 5x rates, Level 120 on join, faster crafting and thralls, and well balanced pvp settings, With building damage turned on for raiding 6pm-11pm Weekdays and 11am-11pm Weekends (AEST)

We already have a nice, easygoing Australian, New Zealand and some American playerbase from our previous servers, and although we are a PVP server we don’t stand for greifing and other toxic players who just want to cause dramas. We want good PVP action, but without the toxic players!

We have custom dungeons and quests to unlock new Powerful and exciting weapons, as well as a finely tuned and balanced selection of mods, hand picked for an awesome PVP experience.

We have custom purpose built village, made as a mod just for our server.
Here you can find a safe place to catch up with friends, as well as traders, Quest NPCs, Fun Quiz’s and more!
There’s even a low gravity jumping castle!!

We have been busy Modding, Scripting and testing to make sure this new refresh of the server will be perfect!!

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Mod Collection: