Pangea,PVE,Modded, x2 harvest, 18+

Come join our server! We are a family owned server. Pve friendly.
mods include:
immesive Armor (vers.6.5.5)
Kerozards Paragon Leveling-Reloaded-v2.3.6
Fashionist v4.2.3
Pippi-User & Server Management-3.8.10
Less Building Placement Restrictions-v7.4.1
Animal and Horse Taming Places
Barbarian Barber (vers.3.5.3)
Better Thralls v1.9.16
LitMan Item stack & Container Size
Barbarian Surgeon
Emberlight 3.3.0
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod-2.3.7

All Mods are updated as they are required.

We have a Tuturial area for landing Point.
There are Admin made quest in our server. Because who wants to run out of the Barbarian Fun.
We are friendly to all New Players.

Join us on discord!

All we ask is that you follow our Rules in game. Here are some of our rules.

Each Clan must have a clear base on a foundation. not ecceeding a 40x40 x 6 high.
Do not exceed this, or Admins will be forced to remove the building! Put a sign with
Clan name in front!
If your not logged in after a 2 month period, your char, and builds
will be deleted! Make sure to let us know if you will be offline longer
then the 2 months, So we do not delete your char or build!
You must create a Clan name, even if its just you in Clan!

We also have a donation page, for those willing to help keep our server up.

Other then that, we hope to hear from you in discord or in game. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy and adventure well in game!


What map do you use? Whats your discord and whats the server adress?

Sorry we decided to close the server, due to family member illness.