Patrols and moving NPCs

Suggestion : Create some long range patrols or NPC migrations (or animals ?) that follow some waypoints and that could be encountered randomly during our trip in the Exile lands.

Some examples :

  • Darfari hunting groups from one camp (minor of major) patroling to the Oasis and reaching some exiles camps. *
  • Pirates roaming to the old ruins of the Jungle biome, fighting some gorillas.*
  • Pirates of Darfaris adventuring to the gate of the Unnamed city.*
  • Grey apes small group roaming in the jungle …*
  • NPCs harvesting an iron ore spot (with the mining animation but not the real harvest effect)

Why ?

To bring immersion and some life in the Exiles lands, and some “opportunities” of fight and thief that will change the routine of the game, bring surprise, give some new things to do or “populate” some empty zones. All biome are beautiful but lack life and the game often seems very stucked, motionless, lifeless …


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