[PC] AU/NZ MUTINY PVP | AOC | EEWA | RAID TIMES | WIPED 13/02/21 Conan Servers Australia New Zealand


Are you tired of finding no Oceanic Servers with players and resorting to 300+ ping american servers?
Sick of servers that only last 2 weeks? Want to play with more than 3 people??
Then come join the Best AU/NZ server out, MUTINY PVP

We are a group of 10+ relaxed players who needed a home, but found the Oceanic servers lacking.
We have a steadily growing community, and our goal is to grow an AU/NZ community with 30-40 online so all of us downunder don’t have to resort to 300 ping American servers!

We love spending time teaching newer players about the game and the rather complex mods such as EEWA and AOC, and happy to help people who have never used these mods before. There is even a huge database of tip & tricks, as well as guides and maps on our discord!

PVP is encouraged, but we will police griefing or excessive targeting of a single player/clan, to ensure your fun doesn’t come at the expense of anothers.

Raid times (AEST) are set up to allow us working class peasants to get some sleep before work, and are as follows:
Friday: 6pm - 10pm | Saturday: 6pm - Midnight | Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

There is 1 fair, Strict and straight to the point admin, and we heavily enforce rules and cheating, so you can play without fear of your game being ruined by cheaters.

Come say hello in game, or pop into discord for a chat!

Direct Connect: OR steam://connect/

❚ Harvest 3x
❚ Experience 15X (because everyone will just use XP crafting “tricks” anyway)
❚ Hunger/Thirst Reduced
❚ Other Quality of life changes.

Modlist: Steam Workshop::AU/NZ MUTINY PVP

❚ Pippi
❚ Mod Control Panel
❚ Northern Timber
❚ LBPR Additional Features
❚ LBPR Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix
❚ Dudes Delightful Decorations
❚ Fashionist
❚ RA Character Customisation
❚ Accessory Wardrobe
❚ Grim Productions
❚ Immersive Armor
❚ Kerozards Paragon Leveling
❚ Thrall Sidekick
❚ Better Thralls
❚ Stacksize Plus
❚ Building Shortcut Bar
❚ NOPer’s Lighted Power Stones
❚ Unlock Plus
❚ Hosav’s Custom UI
❚ Age of Calamitous
❚ Map Room Teleport Crystals
❚ Allocation Chest